One day, Scout and his friends were lounging around watching TV because they were bored. But then, a doorbell rang.

Scout sat up. "Oh, who could it be? It's pouring rain outside." So, he got the door and jumped back and screamed.

Part 1: Visitors

One of them stood up. He was named Freddy Fazbear.

Freddy: What's the fuss about? I'm just a bear named Freddy Fazbear, and here's my best friend, Bonnie!

Penny: Hi! What are you carrying?

Scout: Penny, don't ask them things like that!

Bonnie: Oh, I'm holding a guitar. The pizzeria I lived at closed. I brought this and my bow tie from there.

Scout:I'm happy you're going to be our new, uh, neighbors!

Freddy: Me too.

Violet: You guys scared me!

Bonnie: Oh, I'm sorry!

Eli is still scared. He hid under the couch.

Chapter 2: Forever

coming soon...